Thursday, September 11, 2008

Book Tour, Day #5 & #6

For the last couple days I have been on a "national radio tour" talking about The Galloping Ghost to radio hosts in large and small cities. I go on a half-dozen radio shows everyday and get interviewed about my book. It has really been a kick, and the hosts have asked excellent questions. One definitely took me by surprise, however. "Would Red Grange be a guy we would like to party with?"

That one stumped me a bit.

My favorite line: "Nothin' better than a Sunday in the fall: huntin' in the mornin', watchin' football in the afternoon."

Runner-up: The host repeatedly calling me "the GAP man," and saying "there is no GAP in your brain, man, this is a groovy book...my last copy goes to the seventh caller..."

Also, I had a nice mention of the book in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.


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