Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Republican & Herald: "Maroons deserve ’25 title"

An article about my book, but mostly my views on the Pottsville Maroons lost championship. The piece is in today's Republican & Herald (Pottsville, Pennsylvania). (I might set some sort of record for saying "guys" in one paragraph.)


Blogger Mike Moran said...

The career of Red Grange and the question of the 1925 Championship intersect at the NFL owners meeting in Detroit, February 1926. If there had not be much attention paid to the "territorial rule" which got Pottsville suspended, it was Pyle and Grange who made it the key issue of that meeting when they asked to have an NFL franchise in New York City. The owners might have been more relaxed about the territorial rule if the only issue on the table was the 1925 Championship - but Pyle forced their hand and as a consequence they had to defend the rule at all costs; Pottsville's chances for reconsideration were shot. Not that the championship was such a big deal – my father played on the 1926 Championship Yellow Jackets and got a gold watch – he later played on the 1933 Giants in the first true NFL playoff for the title and got $160 (the Bears, who won, got $240 each, I believe.) In the article from the Feb. 8, 1926 New York Times, the championship question barely gets a mention – all the ink is for the Grange/Pyle split with the NFL

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Blogger gap said...

Yes, you're right. Great points. Grange and Pyle dominated the discussions at the Detroit meeting.
When Grange and Pyle asked for a New York franchise, the owners were willing to give it them because Grange could bring in so many ticket-buying fans, but New York Giants owner Tim Mara protested, and the owners decided to back-up Mara's territorial rights. They also didn't like C.C. Pyle...All of this lead to a wildcat league (Grange would play for the New York Football Yankees), and troubles for Grange and Pyle...I would have loved to have interviewed your father for my book...

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