Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Book Tour, Day #1

I am in Chicago on my book tour for The Galloping Ghost.

I came in late last night and I immediately went to a chop house for a steak and martini. In the culinary sense, Chicago is like the Midwestern version of New Orleans. My steak was bathing in juices with two onion rings on the side, and the martini had three olives, all stuffed with blue cheese. Delicious. As I ate I watched a Cubs game, and read through Chicago Magazine, which has a nice mention in its "Noteworthy new releases" section about The Galloping Ghost: "Football wasn't truly football until the coming of Red Grange, one of the most influential Bears players of all time. In The Galloping Ghost, first-time biographer Gary Poole describes the life of Wheaton-raised Grange and his impact on the game, the business, and the popularity of football in our country."

I also recorded an interview at the studios at Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ). The interview will air next week. I am reading at the BookStall tonight.


Blogger Mike Moran said...

Looking forward to the book - especially I'm interested in the relationship between Grange and William Peterson and Hinckley and Schmitt, Inc - I'd be curious if you uncovered any programs from the Hinckley and Schmitt luncheons that Grange hosted before the annual All Star Game in Chicago.
Also interested in any information on other job offers Grange had after playing for the Bears - I have a letter he wrote to the Providence Steam Rollers with thanks but no thanks for a job as their coach. Best wishes on the book tour.

7:18 AM  
Blogger gap said...

Thanks Mike.

Yes, I talk a bit about Grange and Hinckley & Schmitt, and Grange's post-playing days. I hope you enjoy the book.

9:14 AM  

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