Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Southtown Star: "A masterful job"

A very nice review in the (Chicago) Sun-Times' Southtown Star about the book...

Galloping Ghost is an ideal read for any football fan

As we settle in to enjoy another NFL season, it's time to remember the guy who helped bring respectability to a fledgling football league back in the 1920s.

Picture a pro-sports league looked down upon by most of the American public, who view it as a collection of rogues not worthy of their attention. Then picture the top college star of the day shocking the sports world by joining that pro league.

The scenario, in a nutshell, is what happened when Harold "Red" Grange,--who attained legendary status when he played for the University of Illinois, joined the Chicago Bears after the 1925 college season.

Author Gary Andrew Poole does a masterful job telling the story in "The Galloping Ghost: Red Grange, An American Football Legend."...Poole's storytelling is top-notch. You can almost feel the hits Grange took from defensive players and nearly taste the mud...This book is ideal book for any football fan...I had chills reading about the Michigan game...

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