Saturday, January 06, 2007

Stadium dome collapses

One witness said the B.C. Place (Vancouver) stadium collapse Friday afternoon sounded like "elephants running through your living room. It was thunderous." Looking on the bright side: with global warming who needs domed stadiums anyway?

CBC story here.

(Thanks to J. Kruspe for the tip.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lions win the Grey Cup which seems like a great gift from above and then this happens... What kind of game is G_D playing with them? I think it may be a payback for the Jr. Felions program. The Felions are great cheerleaders but when they rolled out the Jr. program I think it felt a little sleazy to The Big Man.

Annis Stukus was originally going to call his team the Lions of Judah but felt that might upset their small but vocal Islamic fanbase. I bet the Loquacious Lithuanian is going to head straight to HQ up there in heaven to straighten things out. Good luck Stuke!

10:47 PM  

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