Saturday, January 27, 2007

City of Angles: Frank Lloyd Wright/Los Angeles

[UPDATE: NOVEMBER 2007: In The Fray has an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Frank Lloyd Wright's Los Angeles homes. Also, some nice mentions here and here about Hollywoodlandwright.com.

[UPDATE: February 26, 2007: Nice write-up of HollywoodlandWright on PrairieMod.]

Excuse the digression into the non-sports world, but In The Fray wanted to announce a recently completed project. It's a Website featuring several Frank Lloyd Wright dwellings. In The Fray collaborated with Analogue's Jory Kruspe--whose father played in the Canadian Football League, by the way...--on HollywoodlandWright. We are getting some recognition for this side project: Michael Bierut, America's premier design critic, wrote on Design Observer that the site is "an elegant look at Frank Lloyd Wright's work in Los Angeles;" we were given a Best Design Award, an award for Website design; and Digitalthread, a design site, called Hollywoodland "a beautiful and simple minimalist tribute to a set of five Los Angeles homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1920's. These designs of his, defined by the concrete brick work, are simply summed up - not with so many words - but with a series of full-screen photographs... the remainder of the interpretation is up to you..."

If you're interested in FLW, I think the site is worth a few minutes. Click here or type www.hollywoodlandwright.com into your browser to see our work.


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