Saturday, January 03, 2009

Media Roundup: Book reviews

With all the commotion around the holidays, I neglected to post some reviews...

College Football Top Ten, a blog, has a very generous review of The Galloping Ghost:

[The Galloping Ghost] was one of the best sports books I have read in a very long time, maybe ever. His prose rates right up there with Jim Dent’s Twelve Mighty Orphans. Indeed, Poole doesn’t just tell us about the facts of Grange’s life, he illustrates it for us describing in detail and taking us to the very scene as if we are standing there next to Grange.

Also, two other outlets reviewed the book:

Corn Nation, a blog about Nebraska football, had a nice write-up:

Gary Andrew Poole delivers an authoritative biography of Grange...If you like college or professional football history, this is a must read book. Poole’s writing is compelling as the book reads more like a novel than a history text. His research is extensive and the characters are exquisite.

And, American Chronicle reviewed it too, saying it's a "great read."


Blogger the toddler said...

I have named your book to my Book End Awards at Collegefootballtopten.com. I enjoyed the book, and I recommend it to every football fan.


7:23 PM  

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