Wednesday, June 18, 2008

KOA-850 Interview with Yours Truly

Very kind of Lois Melkonian and Lou from Littleton (aka Tom Manoogian) to have me on KOA 850 News Radio's "The Ride Home" to talk about the growing softness of children and overly-protective parents. It was definitely fun to be on a station I have listened to since I was kid. I had my friends and family tune in. KOA broadcasts the syndicated The Rest of the Story, and my mother commented, "I didn't know Paul Harvey was still alive!"

The conversation centered around my article "Go Out And Play: Today's kids may be too soft to excel" in Sunday's Denver Post. I was taken back a bit by all the nice things they said about the piece. Lots of good questions--hopefully I provided a few decent answers.

I will post the MP3 of the interview once it is up on the KOA site.

Meanwhile to hear the first hour, in which the hosts talked a lot about the issue, click here.


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