Thursday, October 18, 2007

Critique: Soccer journalism

In beginning journalism classes, instructors will ask the question: What is news? Students call out terms like immediacy, oddity, conflict, importance…In American sports pages, relevance plays a key role in the undoing of reporting about soccer. In general, U.S. soccer coverage always seems defensive, it tries too hard to prove the importance of the sport, and it feels like it has an agenda, which is the curse of death in objective journalism. When I was in Europe last week, I read the International Herald Tribune, and I was reminded how enjoyable it is to read intelligent, straight-forward writing about the sport. An example, here, by Rob Hughes.


Blogger The Soccer Source said...

yup, I agree with this. Though I don't know how much of it is the journalists' fault. Many soccer journalists I know are very knowledgeable (and good journalists to boot) but their editors and publishers are the ones who dumb the stories down to this level. A shame, really, but one reason why the best soccer writing in this country is usually found on blogs (like mine, just kidding)

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Blogger alex said...

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Blogger ibthal said...

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